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Thread: Astra Elite air conditioning not working

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    Astra Elite air conditioning not working

    Hello all,

    Just wondering if anyone has any info that can help me.

    I purchased an 08 elite and now the a/c is not working, took it to the local air conditioning "specialist" and after a good few hours told me that he couldn't fix it immediately.

    Apparently the system is fully pressurised.

    He told me that the fault codes he received are that:

    1) The air quality sensor is faulty
    2) The car thinks the temperature "at the compressor" is -40c

    I know very little about this subject and wondered if this is something someone's heard of before.

    Also, and on a different subject my car has the button for the folding mirrors but after taking the covers of each of them there are no motors within there. I suspect someone swiped them!

    Many thanks for any replies!

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    have you got a/c or climate control (ECC?) Only as i believe the air quality sensor is only used on ECC.

    How did the "specialist" diagnose the faults? Did he plug a reader in, and if so did he give you the fault codes that came up rather than just a description?

    For the folding mirrors, does the middle button (where you adjust the mirrors) actually go in or do you just have the picture on it?
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