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Thread: Z282 and Z13L the same colour?

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    Z282 and Z13L the same colour?

    A bit confused about whether these codes are the same colour.

    mine says Z13L on the tag in the door and on EPC. well it says 13L on EPC.

    I've seen Z282 described as Polar Sea Blue too.
    I know mines's Polar Sea Blue (Mica)

    are they the exact same colour?

    Seems that they are the same colour.

    13L is the Vauxhall code for the colour and 282 is the Opel code for the colour.

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    Yes as you have said,1 is Opel Code and 1 is Vauxhall code.

    When i went to my local paint supplier,it was only the Opel code showing up on the comp and its the Code they knew for my car when i said Star Silver II.

    For peace of mind,they matched it up with the paint stick and it was the same.

    So yeah,it will be the same for you.

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