Hi everybody.

I am having problems with my astra convertible 2002. The car is great but I am having problems with the roof.

The problem is that the roof motor is turning but the latches will not undo. The latch on the right is undone but the passenger latch will not undo.

I was fiddling with the drivers side catch but I am not sure if I managed to open it or whether it was already open and just hadn't shut properly.

So, now I have one catch open and one closed.

If anyone knows the answer and can call me or can leave their number and I will call them it would be appreciated. I would even pay somebody to fix it if they live near Tauntpn, Somerset or if the information works I will send a payment via paypal.

To sum it up.

On pressing roof down button:
Windows go down
Roof motor spins
Passenger catch doesn't undo!

I don't know if the car thinks that the roof is already closed as it beeps when I press roof close button.

Please help


Kimmi x 07792156577