I've got a mk4 astra hatchback (2000). Dad had it from new, I then got it, and I've just spent a grand on the engine (new radiator, alternator, cam shaft, belt, blah blah). I didn't want to part with it basically. Also, I have three border collies, and since they'd wrecked it inside, I couldn't sell it anyway, so it was scrap or keep. What I'd like to know from members is:

1) Has anyone part ply-lined a 5 door astra mk4 hatchback?
2) Has anyone fitted a flettner 2000 to their mk4 hatchback? I really want to do this in particular 'cos the car stinks of dog, and I want adequate ventilation and extraction for them too.

I'm in the process of removing the back seats (seat belt torx is proving difficult). DVLA & VOSSA and my insurance company told me this is OK today on the phone. I might get an advisory at MOT but it's not a problem.