soz bout the quality of the pics the lighting in the room wasnt the best and the camera on the phone sucks! here is a wee write up on how to strip the rear seat cover from the mk4

this is from the position of having the seat already out of the car.

first step is remove the torx bolt holding on the seat hinge on, this was bloody tight on both the seats I did so take care not to strip the head of the bolt or skin the knuckles

then pop all the plastic rivets off the seat back

the centre arm rest back will stop you from flipping the back cover over so the next step is to remove this. fold down the arm rest and pull down the access hatch as well so you have it open.

the top part of the plastic trim pulls down and is only held in with a clip, this is a bit tight to come out. I used 2 screwdrivers to lever it down, puts up a bit of a fight but will come out.

these pics are of it popped down a little, just pull it right out.

once you get that out then the surround will pull in at the top to enable you to remove the plastic surround.

next step flip the backing over to reveal the metal seat back.

after that you need to pull the seat cover off the frame, this is tucked into the frame and held in with small metal clips on centre and bottom of the seat, the outer side is just pushed onto the frame.

then start pulling the seat cover and foam away from the metal backing

at the centre armrest there are 2 securing points from the foam onto the armrest mounting bracket, stick a screwdriver in and prize it away as its just an interference fit pressed on.

after this I removed the armrest itself, this is very easy. just pull the plastic hinge away from the armrest to release the pivot pins, do one side at a time and it will pop out no problem.

under the armrest the seat material tucks into the seat frame, this just pulls out towards the back of the seat away from the front side, it will be obvious where this is as it will be the only part holding the bottom end of the foam to the base.

this is it part removed

after this step pop off the cetre seatbelt surround, screwdriver under the front and pop it upwards at the front the once the clips are released from the front push bacwards slightly and it will come away from the seat.

now all that will be holding the seat cover and foam to the backing are the headrest escutchions and seat release button surround, easiest way I found for dealing with these is carefully stretch the material over them to remove the fabric first then pull the foam over it because they are bloody tight to come out. once you have the seat cover and foam out the way remove the headrest escutchions by pressing in the clips at either side and pulling up. once the cover and foam is off it is obvious how they come out.

you will now be left with something that looks like this

the foam on the coupe doesnt have the cut out for the seatbelt mechanism that the other seat foam does so the coupe foam will not sit properly on the seatbelt.

you now have 2 choices, remove all the metal clips holding the seatcover onto the foam and swap the foam from the seatbelt shaped one onto your coupe seat and reatatch with cable ties (balls to that cos its loads of work and difficult to get the seatcover sitting nice again) or trim a bit of foam from the coupe foam to give space for the seatbelt.

I did the latter!

this is both foam parts to show the difference.

this is the foam i removed from the coupe seat

I had to trim a little more from the top to make a channel for the seat belt mounting bracket but at this point the battery died. I went for the trim a little then try it, trim a little more then try again approach so I didnt go too far.

Once you have trimmed the foam so it fits well against the seat back you need to make a hole in the seat cover to allow the seatbelt to come through. same again here trim a little at a time till the bracket for the seatbelt can come through the seat cover. the foam also need to be trimmed as well at this point obviously.

then its rebuild in reverse order of strip down.

hope thats of some help, as I said pics aint the best but it at least gives some idea as to whats involved.