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Thread: oil pressure switch

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    oil pressure switch

    hi, just a quick one, i done an oil change on my 1.816v sport t99, now the oil light keeps flicking on every now and then, im gonna triple check the oil but need to know if the oil pressure swich and oil sensor both set this off, and does it require me to empty the oil to change these? the oil light was fine untill i attempted to take the oil filter cover off, but had difficulty so left it till me mate came up, but i noticed the light coming on in the hour i was driving about waiting, i dont know if i may of knocked something, and what i should check? any ideas appreciated!

    thanks in advance

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    Hi Tru,

    Not sure where the oil pressure switch is situated on this engine, but I would think it is near the oil pump, behind the belt and pulley end of the engine. It is very similar in appearance to a smaller/shorter version of a spark plug, with one wire connector connected to the centre plastic section of the switch. A careful visual inspection of the oil pressure switch for oil leaking from the centre connection would be advisable. If it is really shot, as it was on my 1.6 8v I could see oil stains on the surrounding chassis members as well as the centre plastic section covered in oil. Needless to say my oil usage was very very high indeed.

    When I removed my switch there was some oil coming out but not a lot. I did not drain my oil when I removed my switch. A cloth underneath would be sufficient, in my opinion, to take care of the small amount coming out.

    The symptoms I had was the oil pressure warning light started coming on intermittently at first then at low revs when idling. However, it would go out immediately the engine revs were increased. The switch is connected via a single wire to a pin in the centre plastic section of the switch.

    When checking the engine oil level, first remove and clean the dipstick, replace it and withdraw and then check the level of the oil.

    I hope this helps.


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