Hi, i am having running problems with my astra mk4 1.4i 16v - Z14xE
It started a couple of weeks ago when i noticed the spanner light was on. Soon after when pulling away from traffic lights, suddenly the accelerator was unresponsive even when fully depressed, although the engine was still running. I pulled over and restarted the car and accelerator was working again although spanner light was still on and car was in limp mode. Since then the faults are intermittent, sometimes either spanner light or emmissions light is on. I have cleaned the EGR and Throttle body but made no difference. Pedal test shows following faults.

P0120 Throttle position sensor
P0220 Throttle position Circuit
P1550 Electronic throttle limp home
P0340 Camshaft position sensor

I read another thread where someone had same fault codes & noted all these components share an earth return to the ECU which could be faulty and suggested fitting an independant fused earth.
I was wondering if this was worth a try.
Any ideas on how to go about this and risks involved would be much appreciated.