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Thread: Fitting Heated Seats into Astra

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    Question Fitting Heated Seats into Astra

    Im looking to fit leather heated seats into my 5 door 1999 Astra SXI, First of all, is it a straight swap from any other vauxhall or is it a hard job? Ive heard from a friend that had fitted them into a corsa B, which made me want it in my astra!
    If they do fit, how difficult is it to wire the heated seats up? Is there plugs already in place or would i have to do fit them? My dad is quite handy with electrics so most things he is able to do. Is there many people who have done it, if so is it a difficult/worthwhile job? Or even better is there a how-to going?!


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    Some cars have the wiring some don't, all you can do is check in the centre below the ashtray for the plugs and look for extra wiring under the seats. If this isn't here i'd suggest you buy a haynes manual to help out with the wiring
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