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Thread: Steering Knocking ???

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    Steering Knocking ???

    Hi everyone iwhen i turn my steering wheel when stood still i feel a knock now and then thats in both directions i got my parter to turn the wheel while i had a fell there dont seem to be any play in the track rods but can feel the knocking in them when she turns the bit that joins the steering colum in the engine bay feels like theres knocking inside it

    i went to a garage today and he said steering pump but he never even looked at it he just said after i describe it

    the questio is would the power steering pump make it knock like that on the bottom of the colum the pump is a electric one and it seems to be fine when you turn no loss and it whirls is well would this KNOCKING BE DANGEROUS??

    cheers for your help and replys

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    try checking the steering column U.J at the floorpan, they are known to wear

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