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Thread: astra battery

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    astra battery

    need help in choosing a new battery, at the mo i believe its the original gm one, says something about 55ah on it, was looking at the "halfords advanced" ones but the chap couldnt tell me whether it was more powerful or less powerful then the gm one ive one is ok but if i use the cd player or parrot kit with ignition switched of it doesnt take long before it dies, had the battery tested and told its good but feel its not holding its charge to long. any help appreciated


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    get a 70amp one from Vauxhall

    ask for trade club price and they should give u it (unless u look like u got money to burn and then theyll charge retail!!)

    even retail price is quite good tbh

    part number is 93189922 and its the biggest GM one that will physically fit in the tray

    Retail is: 69.00 + VAT
    Trade is: 63.14 + VAT
    Trade Club is: 55.72 + VAT

    Retail is probably a lot less than the seriously overpriced Halfords range

    GM branded batteries are top notch, mines coming upto 5yrs old and still going strong!

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