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Thread: Just had DPF fitted.....

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    Just had DPF fitted.....

    Hi, I've just had a new DPF fitted to my 1.9 CDTI Zaf B, everything seems fine, did a forced Regen straight after fitting and reset all codes.

    Drove great for 10 mins then kinda hit a flat spot between 1000 - 2000 rpm with Engine Light on.

    Dipping in and out of Limp Mode it seems, revs stop at 3150, and driving slow.

    Read the error with Pedal Test, 227956, which I believe is P2279 - Intake Air System Leak Detected B-035.

    Has anyone else had this and if so, can you shed any light on an already expensive repair?

    If it helps, I've had the EGR off previously and cleaned it all out, the DPF was that bad the car wouldn't tick over with the exhaust connected and the Swirl Valve Linkage rod is off......

    I'm thinking that because the DPF was so bad, the swirl valves are caked in soot/carbon, link bar has fell off causing strange readings at the Air Intake and generating the fault code. Sound feasible?



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    take the inlet manifold out and clean it with petrol or brake cleaner

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