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Thread: 2.0 DTL engine info needed.

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    2.0 DTL engine info needed.

    Am looking to buy a diesel, but will be my 1st as always had petrols. Found one I like the look of, but not clued up on the lump. Anyone enlighten me a bit. Known issues. Drivability, power and tuning potential.

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    i asked some off the same questions
    as for tuning aparantly there isnt alot other than intercooler upgrade, better injectors and the holy grail off diesels....the remap which will take the mk4 too ~125 BHP
    i know nothing off the other questions although presonly i quite like the way diesels drive
    driven my mothers yaris and if you can keep the turbo spooled up then its a little pocket rocket
    if it ant broke, don't fix it.....mod it! MK4 flip keys £13.99

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