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Thread: MK4 Convertible HELP

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    MK4 Convertible HELP

    Hey all, iv got quite a few problems with my MK4 Astra Convertible.

    Firstly the roof doesnt come down when i use the interior button however using the key i can drop the roof.

    The second problem is the remote central locking doesnt work i have to use the key, iv changed the battery still the same problem.

    The third problem the turbo when not even driven hard has long delays and continues going for a little while once my foot has come off the accelrator.

    Anyone have any ideas?

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    Hi mate

    I have had the interior roof button issue on my or Mk3 Astra convertible. I took the button out and gave it a clean which resolved the issue. You could have a naf button and is worth replacing just in case.
    I'm not sure if this is possible as I have not tried this myself but I wonder if you can change the roof button with the Window button in the centre console (providing they are the same type of connector) to see if the roof works. If so that may identify if the button is faulty.

    With the central locking issue you may need to sync the key to the car again. To do this put the key in the ignition and turn until the dash lights come on then press both open and shut buttons on the key. (I think thats how you do it anyway, if not I'm sure someone will correct me).

    Turbo issue, don't know. Your possibly getting too much pressure some how or need a new turbo unit.
    Your car cannot handle a driver of this magnitude!

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    hi mate sounds to me that you need to reset roof, heres a link tells you how to do it cheers

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