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Thread: Alternator connector

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    Alternator connector

    Managed to change the alternator on my Mk4 1.7 Dtdi Astra over the weekend. As bad as it was trying to get the old one out and fitting the new one I accidentally snapped the thin wire that runs off from the positive cable when trying to remove the male connector that plugs into the alternator. So far have left the car as is and trying to find another male connector.

    Hopefully if I can find one it should be an easy fix with a few spade connectors and a crimping tool.

    The old connector looks like below: sorry about posting the links up could not fathom how you insert the URL...would anyone know where I could buy one of these?

    Many thanks in advance

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    No Ideas where you could get one fella.

    Maybe worth a jaunt to a local scrap yard, pull back as much wire from the plug as possible and cut it off from a scrap car?
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