Hi I'm trying to eliminate things that could be wrong with my car. It's a mk4 1.4 16v astra. It been tempremental for some time now and I just want it working until I get my new car.
The problem is no one knows what's actually wrong with it Ive had a local mechanic look at it, a portable mechanic and even vauxhall had it for 2 months.
It will start up and then it sounds like it drops on to 3 cylinders. It will stall I'll start it back up and it will then do the same. I've had a 2 coilpacks, 2 lots of spark plugs, new throttle body, egr cleaned/blanked and tested with a friends and vauxhall had the ecu tested. I've been looking and some people have sugested the lambda sensor but can any one tell me if the lambda sensor would cause the car to stall and run on 3 cylinders ?