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Thread: Brown Gunk on Oil Dipstick

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    Brown Gunk on Oil Dipstick

    Have been doing weekly 300 mile round trips to work in the last few months, so decided to give the car a well overdue check up. Prior to that i was doing daily 50 mile round trips to work.

    Coolant was near empty, and the oil dipstick registers no oil, just chunks of nasty looking brown stuff. I opened the main oil cap and there is no evidence of brown gunk inside, or on the cap.

    I have read up about this on here and am now aware that this could be the headgasket on its way out.

    I went to halfords, and on the advice of the assistant purchased a purple can of stuff that should help clean out the brown crap, as well as some oil and coolant.

    I assume an oil change and replacement oil filter would be a good idea?

    I suppose what im asking is how likely it is that its the headgasket, or hopefully something less severe caused by a combination of the lack of oil & coolant, weather and/or recent long trips.?

    Suffice to say, i feel like a complete pillock for not checking everything sooner

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    First of all, whats the engine code??
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