Hi everyone

I have acctually had the car since june last year and have never got round to putting any pics up or any of my old car aswell

My old astra before i got rid or it:

Its a 1.6 16v Twinport Sport

What the kid who owns it has done to it now:

lol, like or dislike????

Here is my current car when i first brought it:

IT had done about 40K full service history, was a showroom car so it has, sunroof, full leather (heated seats) and climate control, one lady owner used it to cart her kids to school every day lol bit impractical if you ask me she had taken really good care of it spent money on it when it needed it, pretty much all the seats except the drivers seat look brand new, and it was only 5700 bargin

But....(quite a big but) after a week of having it the water pump seized
up and pissed out all the water, and she said it had had a cambelt changed which it had done but the garage did not offer to do the pump which they would normally do, so i got a new pump fitted and cambelt, everything was fine for a few weeks then the engine made a weird sound when it was revving above 3000 rpm which we eventually found to be the cambelt going tight then loose !!! and vibrating against the cam cover, the fault was the cambelt tensioner which was also broken and had not been changed, so another cambet and tensioner set later everything is fine Bloody crappy garages

anyway this is how the car looks now :


  • Gloss Black Alloys
  • Yellow Calipers
  • 40mm Gmax Lowering Springs (wanna go lower)
  • Bonnet Lifters (would recommend these)
  • Gloss Black standard Grill
  • VXR cam cover
  • 8K HID's
  • 2.2 Airbox Conversion
  • Boost Gauge

Future mods:

  • Exhaust
  • Stage 1 courtney map
  • Uprated intercooler

To be honest i dont really know what sort of things to do to start of with as i have mainly just changed some of the looks of the car, if anyone has any advice please tell me

Thanks for looking