I thought I'd make an auto-biography, seeing as I've now done a couple of things you can actually see.

This is how it started -

All standard in those pics.

Since then I've undertaken some massive modifications -

I've removed those pipes in the airbox
I've installed a badgeless grille
I've put some alloy wheels on

Those are rota slipstream wheels that I picked up off a mate who was stripping his knackered civic of parts.

I don't think I'll do a lot to my car, but possible future mods include getting a vectra half-leather interior in there, getting a vectra air intake pipe, possibly a little bit lower and maaaaybe a better exhaust, if I can get one that doesn't sound lame.

I might do the electric wing mirrors mod too, that would be nice.

I know a dude who's doing window tints too, so he's going to sort me out with that.