Hi folks, I need help with a few things. I have a astra club 2006 model, im fed up with it being standard so will be making a few changes to it. I have manged to get a xp kit for it just need to get it painted. However the car doesnt have front fog lights on it, can these be bought as a kit? If so where from? And will the wiring already be behind the bumper for them?

The second thing is im wanting to replace the wheels as well, however the car is only a 4 stud so the 18" penta wheels are out of the question as they are 5 stud. I have seen you can get 17" penta's on the new tigras. Does anyone have a picture of these on a astra H? I'm also thinking of something alone the lines of bbs ch wheels, these will also be in 17's.

If someone could post up pictures of astra H's on 17" wheel then that would be great, if I go for 17's I will probably lower it around 30-40mm to make them fill the arches a bit better. So if anyone has any pictures of there cars lowered this amount then post them up as well

Sorry for the essay , thanks in advance for any replies