Hi All
First post so here goes, Astra 1.8i Exclusiv Convertible 2006, when ignition is switched off radio does not go off automatically and has to be turned off manually to the date and time display, display goes blank when ignition is switch to off also the remote central locking does not lock from key fob but locks everything OK from the door lock, the alarm does not seem to arm itself as ther is no red flashing lights on the radio button ot at the hazard switch, the central locking unlocks the car from the key fob and I have also tried my second remote key with same results, problem seems to have started around the time we had the heavy frost and NS rear caliper sieze and brought up the ABS & T/Control light, caliper has been repaired and warning lights are now out, sorry for the long story but giving as much information as posible, thanks for any help David (Glasgow)