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Thread: mk4 van heater stuck...Dashboard out job?

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    mk4 van heater stuck...Dashboard out job?

    Hi, been meaning to fix this for a while. in my van, the right heater selector (which chooses between the windows, dash vents, your feet etc) would just spin round, with no resistance.

    So i removed the centre console to find the mechanism arm broken. I replaced this, but once re-connected, the knob is now stuck (ie the cable isnt moving) which is why i presume the knob was just spinning after somebody trying to force it.

    Any ideas what could have caused this? Only thing i can think of is that something in the heater matrix has broken, therefor jamming the selector flap/s

    So, its looking like a dash out scenario, which isnt a 2 second job. (any guides on here? Ive had the centre console, heater vents, speedo binacle, seats etc all out, but never the dash carcase, or handbrake/gear lever console out in a mk4)

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    Did you ever fix this mate? mines doing exactly the same
    This car is fitted with a red top
    But it goes down when the sun shines

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