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Thread: Things to get done .... help...

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    Things to get done .... help...

    So...from the help of you guys on here..i now know

    I have a white astra mk5 (in other words 'White Astra Sport Hatch SRi 3dr 1.6 60 plate')

    Just wondering if anyone had any ideas on what I could get done to it?...


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    Plenty of options to go for in terms of wheels / body styling / interior

    Have a look in here

    I would go for the smooth subtle look personally. I have always liked the idea of smoothing out the fog light grill area to leave only the centre bumper grill on the standard sporthatch bumper with XP splitter.

    Kind of like this, BUT with the fog lights shown all smoothed over (ohh and in white)

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