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Thread: MK5 astra wheels and lowering?

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    MK5 astra wheels and lowering?

    I'm looking to lower my MK5 1.3 5 door

    Just wondering what is the best size wheel and how far I should lower to look a feel the best

    Dose anyone have any pictures?
    Jack Bollox

    Astra 1.3 CDTI

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    im on 18" vxr reps with a 30/30 drop and find it a nice ride height.

    jaynosXp is on 19"vxr's with a 30/50 drop

    if using just springs with out upgrading the shocks then it does make the ride quite hard so if possible i would change the both.

    or if you are going for coilovers then stay away from the ebay cheapy's as they have a bad rep for being quite sloppy,

    look on lmf if you want coillies
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