Hi All, newbie to the AOC. Looking for some advice as my 2005 1.6 petrol easytronic design estate has become slow to start, especially in cold weather. It churns for a while and then starts or sometimes needs 2 or three attempts to catch. Then it runs fine.

I've read through lots of posts on AOC and can see that the EGR, TB camshaft sensor and CIM are all possible suspects. I just thought I'd ask if anyone can help narrow it down. The problem seemed to start after main dealer replaced the coolant temperature sensor. I wondered if they might have broken something while changing the sensor.

It's been back to the dealer twice and they've run the diagnostic - each time with no error codes recorded. They say they've checked the air mass sensor which is fine. Next they suggest doing compression test and a fuel pressure test. Not sure this sounds right. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.