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Thread: Zaf B washer fuse?

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    Zaf B washer fuse?

    Hi guys, my Zaf B windscreen washer fuse had gone for the 2nd times during the big freeze, but im not going to bother taking it to the dealer, as they charge and i have to wait a few hours before they can replace the fuse for me, so i want to change the fuse myself, does anyone know where the fuse is and what fuse i need? on the manual it say there 2 version of the fuse box (A & B) how can i tell which version i got? as it only show 1 pic in the manual, and why its so easy to blow a fuse even the the washer is totally frozen, my old Zaf A never done this before...

    any help will be grateful
    Thank guys..

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    To tell the difference between what version fuse box you have you need to look to see if you have the full size fuse box in the rear of your car

    If you have the large rear fuse box fuse 7 under the bonnet may be blown, if you just have a smaller one in the rear it will be fuse 8 under the bonnet

    On a Zaf A the fuse is alot larger because it also controls the wiper motor. Don't replace it with a 30 amp one like the A had though
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    Thank matey, got it replaced now, took the wrong one out at first, and though the fuse not blow, then found out its fuse no7 (version B) and not fuse no8..

    Thank for the reply again matey...

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    what did you replace it with a 10 or a 15?

    mine went and the garage I take more car to says do not go any bigger than a 15, but someone already stuck a 15 in.

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