End of october I fitted a new Bosch silver plus battery, to replace the original, which had been on from when the car was new. That battery had lasted well over six years and still wasn't completely buggered.
The Bosch was ok for two months then on Christmas Day morning it wouldn't offer to crank engine at all.
So boxing day, put the old battery on charge for 45min. Meanwhile I tried the the car again, still nothing exept the hazards were flashing and there was a constant ticking from somewhere untill I removed ignition key.
Next I jump leaded from the old battery to the Bosch which was still on the car and car started straight away, hazards still flashing and would not switch off. Also radio came on itself!
Turned engine off. re- started. repeated this again then everything was normal. Removed jump leads and car started from the bosch on it's own.
Did nothing more at all yesterday and didn't even drive car.
This morning tried it from cold and car started straight away as normal.
Has anyone any ideas what was going on?