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Thread: Fitting air con from another model?

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    Fitting air con from another model?

    I've got a Mk4 1999 1.7Astra Van which I've sorting out and have brought an Astra 5dr car to use as spares/donor (same TD engine but with some creature comforts).

    I'm swapped the electric windows into the van and am now looking at switching the air-conditioning system over too, however I wondered if anyone had done this before?

    I notice there is no hole in the vans bulkhead for the condenser pipes (minor technicality ) but am assuming the main electrical looms are the same on both vehicles with just the air-con parts missing on the van's side.

    Or am I completely nuts and its not possible?

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    It is something that looks straight forward enough.
    I seam to have all the plugs in the right places to upgrade so could just do with a car to rob all the bits off of.
    Im hoping to do this myself in Feb
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