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Thread: Induction Kit options

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    Induction Kit options

    Hey folks!

    Just bought an Astra H 1.8 16V SRI XP, hopefully collecting it at the weekend.

    Looking to make a few mods, Window tints and induction kit first but don't know which induction to go for? Reading on here general advice is to stay away from the norm K&N due to heat soak. I was thinking either a cold air induction or just replace the current filter and de-ristrict the air flow?

    Can anyone suggest which is best and recommend anything in particular? I was looking at the Simota Cold Air intake but the website suggests i cant get it for my model?

    Thanks in advance, hopefully have some pics up soon if all goes well!

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    i'd personally go for a piper viper or a BMC CDA enclosed induction kit.

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