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Thread: few last issues. (hopefully)

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    few last issues. (hopefully)

    ok so ive been slowly working my way through the long list of jobs that have been needed in urgent order first.

    last month:
    new cambelt and water pump-garage
    rocker cover gasket- garage
    front calipers and pads- old pistons had seized- myself
    New front lower engine mount and powerflex bush- old one had split
    New sump gasket and bolts- garage as i rounded a bolt off

    ok so recently ive been doing a few long journeys and had time to gather some information on something that requirs attention.

    Its been idling roughly as of late and misfiring. sometimes its quite a frequent misfire and other times it only does it once every couple of minutes.

    also the ~TC and ABS lights will come on after about ten mins of driving.
    at the instant these lights come on the speedometer drops from whatever speed im travelling at to zero then springs back up again. also on rare occasion the speedo, rev, and fuel lights will black out until i switch them off then on again. also the battery light is on and sometimes its not?

    basically what im asking for is what shall i ask the garage to check/repair when i take it in? im thinking coilpack afm and spark plugs but i would appreciate your expert advice in this matter. i dont want them to charge me ££££ for sticking opcom on it and reading off a long list of codes to me then dismantling shit to find out the problem(s)

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    sounds electrical to me, have you done the earth mod? do a search on here im sure this is worth doing as it cures alot of random faults

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