Been on the site as a quiet viewer for long time and having had a mk3 Gsi and recently bought myself a Mk4 Gsi Turbo thought it was time to put up few pics of the new baby in my life, lol

some of you may already know the car as it belonged to Dave from Total Vauxhall, have to say he looked after it meticulously and it hasnt missed a beat since i owned it.

its an 03 Gsi and has the following mods :

Weitec height adjustable coil-over suspension
VXR turbo and actuator
TX Autosport front mounted intercooler
TX Autosport reverse airbox assembly
Powerflex lower arm bushes and front engine mount
Scorpion pre-cat replacement pipe, 200 cell sports cat and 2.5" system
Red.Dot Racing ECU remap

few pics from when dave had it

because of the weather over here lately i havent had a chance to get many pics but heres 1 or 2 i did manage