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Thread: Where is the Z18XE oil pressure sender?

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    Where is the Z18XE oil pressure sender?

    Im thinking of adding an Oil Pressure gauge into the Cabin and wondering if anyone has a picture of the location of the Oil Pressure Sender on the Z18XE? Is it as simple as just adding a T-Peice? And should I go for a Mechanical or Electric Gauge? Whats the difference? The wiring?

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    I'm not sure exactly where, but the oil pressure switch will be somewhere near the oil filter. it'll have a single wire coming off it.

    You can add a t-piece, but hanging both the oil pressure switch and gauge sender off of it can put a lot of undue force on it as the engine rocks back and forth through normal usages. A t-piece set up has been know to fail (catastrophically). The best way is to use a flexi (braided) hose between the block and t piece, so the switch and sender can be mounted safely off the block.

    A mechanical gauge uses capillary tube from the block to the gauge and measures oil pressure in the gauge itself. Can be messy if something goes wrong. An electric gauge measures the pressure at the sender, and transmits the reading/signal to the gauge.

    Electric gauges are usually easier to set up

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