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Thread: Cayman get it gloss frenzy by Beau Technique

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    Cayman get it gloss frenzy by Beau Technique

    Yet another vehicle appearance reconditioning and interior by Beau Technique.
    This time in the guise of a wonderfull Porsche cayman s in black metalic.
    Vehicle before some much neccesary tlc....

    Wheels cleaned twice with 2 variants of dilluted autosmart smartwheels then once with a quick shot of autosmart ali.
    Vehicle received a thorough 18 stage wash with various brushes, autosmart G101 and valetpro posoiedons carnauba wash including, de-tar with autosmart tardis and clay with bilthambre regular clay and autosmart reglaze as lube.
    Dried using uber towels and autosmart tango as drying aid then blow dried with chemical guys warm air dryer.
    Under the lights the car didnt look too bad other than some faint swirling from maintenance cleaning and the odd bit of RDS....

    Though the night before the front bumper came into contact with the rear bumper of a Mercedes ML which had a faulty reverse camera.

    Wing after....

    Bumper needed some more aggresion to knock out as much of the nasty scratch markings as possible so 2 sets of wool with farecla G3 followed by 1 set scholl S17+ on polish pad and final refining set with scholl S40.
    Bumper 50/50....

    This was after G3 sets still in need of refining....

    After refining....

    LSP was scholl SW20 spray sealant and recieved several coats to ensure even coverage and maximum protection.
    Some grande finale shots to admire......

    Best shot of the exhaust I got, unfortunately I left it running hence the condensation exhaust.
    Exhaust was cleaned with britemax twins and 00 wire wool.

    Interior was cleaned with meguiars all purpose cleaner, various brushes and towels, final wipe down with dodo juice Mr pink.
    Leather cleaned with planet polish twins.
    Glass cleaned with meguiars glass cleaner and dodo juice mint merkin.

    Wonderfull car, great result and yet another enjoyable day and job.

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    Another very nice motor

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    stunning pal

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