Hi everyone ..
im in need of some help i have 2000 Astra 17 turbo deisel van its been running spot on till on the way home from london the temp gauge stoped working so i was told it was the temp sender so i change it still nothing, then thermostat still nothing had a friend look at it he earth the sensor to see if the gauge it went up right up (lol) fans kicked in and now i have the spanner light on with fan's running even when cold.
had it hooked up to a comp and it comes back with p0115 Engine Coolant Temperature Circuit High Input C-11 an p0180 ,been it 2 garages and a auto electrics and still not fixed
i have been told there is another sensor for the gauge but i carnt find it anywhere , van starts and runs spot on .
sorry for the long post just trying to explain the best i can .

any help would be much appreciated thanks WaRdY ...........