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Thread: Dash lights not working

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    Heater panel lights not working

    Hi all,

    Iv got some lights not working on my dash and dont know if this could be down to a blown fuse or bulb? or something more complicated?

    The lights that dont work are:

    • Heater dial lights
    • Cigerette lighter surround and ashtray light


    • The stereo doesnt come on with ignition
    • When i switch on the stereo the date on the mdf panel goes away
    • When i switch on my headlights the mdf panel is dimmed so much i cant read the time

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    I would say all the lights not working are bulb faults

    For the other problems you'll probably find the stereo's been wired up that way to work without the ignition. The date going is what you expect from a aftermarket headunit (assuming thats what you have). For the MFD dimming try moving the wheel on the headlight switch to make the dash lights brighter at night
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