Hi guys! I'm from Bulgaria and more than 2 years I have a standard Astra Coupe Turbo with Z20LET (year of made 2001). And now I'm looking for a little more power, so I decide to mount FMIC and get IPF form EDS.

The IPF came yesterday and I try to do the remap. The IPF get the ECU - ID correctly with no problems, but when I try to do the remap there is some kind of communication problem. Flashing white and after 2 minutes go to red light!
I try with 3 different computers wit windows 7 (virtual XP) and XP. No difference!
Using IPF - Operator and install IPF_USB_UPD_V_E071
I try different maps....
Connect the IPF before and after turn the ignition on.....
The battery is brand new....
Always the same red light came on!

I'll be very happy if you can give me advise what to do.
I send e-mail to EDS, but still no answer.