As the title says, Has anyone done this successfully ?

I know their was a person on this forum converting mk4 keys to mk5 keys for people but I cant find the thread or person anymore!

I THINK this is what i need, for doing the mod (Dont want to use the key I have the now as its my only one)

1. Mk5 flip key ( Already have one bought )

2. Mk4 Remote buttons ( for the electrical bits inside )

3. Mk4 key+chip ( to get the key cut and use the chip for mk5 key _

The how to
I would have a stab if i knew i had the right bit's but I'm not sure.

Can any1 do this mod for me, Id pay ? And can the chip be programmed after the mk5 key mod has been done?

Cheers for any help in advance!