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Thread: 2.0 DTi: bad cold starting/limp mode/temp query

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    2.0 DTi: bad cold starting/limp mode/temp query

    I'll lump all these in as one

    2004 Zafira Elegance 2.0 DTi, 84,000 miles
    Full professional service 81,000 miles (oil, coolant, fuel/air/oil filter)

    When we got the car 6 months ago it went into limp mode once for about 2 seconds, then cleared. We drove the car on holiday in the summer and it did the same thing again, but this time it came on a few times then stuck on. Stopped at services, re-started car and it went and hasn't been back on until this Saturday. Light again flicked on for a second, power dropped, then fine again, did this twice.

    Was bad to start on the past few mornings, good couple of attempts until it caught. Limp mode was initially on yesterday for about a minute then it went off again.

    It's started fine until the cold weather this week.

    I've also found that it takes an age to get up to temp - maybe I'm used to my petrol Astra warming up in a few minutes, not sure. The Zafira temp gauge on the dash can still register no movement after a 6 mile drive across town in traffic. The gauge does get to ~85c and stay there eventually, doesn't drop at speed or rise at standstill so I don't think the stat is faulty.

    There are no stored codes from the pedal test so not entirely sure where to start sorting the limp mode issue out, it's not a major issue as the car is mostly used around town (gets a weekly motorway kicking when we go shopping), but on occasional long journeys it's a pain if limp mode kicks in on a long motorway run. We've got a 200 mile trip to Scotland in December and I'm not keen on getting stuck in limp mode on the not so good back roads on the way to Ayr.

    Could all of this be related? Temp/limp/bad cold starting...

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    Limp mode and bad starting could be crank shaft sensor,

    but cold weather bad start and limp could be the coolant temp sensor which is cheaper than a crank sensor and more likely ;-)

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    i know you have done the pedal test but have you had the codes read as they sometimes come out and tell you a bit more than the pedal test.

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