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Thread: steering wheel control

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    steering wheel control

    i have just got a alpine ida-x305 for my gsi zafira but would like to keep the steering wheel controls working (manual states steering wheel ready)
    i am ok at fitting head units but the steering wheel think confuses me (never done it before)
    i see i need to buy a adaptor like this
    and the patch comes with it is this all i need or is there more parts

    do i just plug this in to the car and head unit and off i go?

    also 1 thing that also confuses me is the clock display
    i have read this will stop working is this true? or is it the cd info and radio info that stops working as i find it handy for other info like bulb errors and levels low and fuels consumption ect im hoping it dont kill this bit off
    if it does is there a way to get it working?

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    Mate thats all the parts you will need just make sure you state you need a alpine patch lead. Fitting couldn't be easier as it just goes between the vauxhall connector and your new radio connector

    The top display will still work as it does now but with the radio/ cd part of the display blank when you have the radio off. The time, temp and all warnings and trip computer will still work
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