hey there folks been a member on here for a good wee while but never had much for posting in the way of projects up untill last year where i bought myself a wee project -
phase 2 mk3 astra gsi

so here is a wee build thread of the work etc iv done over the past year

spec as it sits just now

2.0 ecotec
running dbials throttle bodies
high lift spec cams
lexmaul 4-2-1 exhaust manifold
full stainless

16" speedline alessio 2's
full bilstein suspension

plans are

tidy up front end
new grill (opel)
new bonnet (with vents)
new rubber splitter
new backbox/tail pipe
paint wheels

first update after owning it for less than a few weeks ,

ph 1 bonnet added, opel grill, (cheers to guys at sos)
the cars been fully machine polished (cheers kev!)

heres how it sits just now,
only the one engine shot im afraid . . .

finally got round to getting my private plate now on

and ordered up a front splitter

sort of lost interestin the car for a good bit and didnt do much to it for a good while, so some new wheels bought painted the colour i wanted and put on the car new shiney wheels ment a trip to my mates to get it fully valeted again ,

next up is get the splitter iv had in my garage on and new fog lights if i can actually find some . . .

let the pics do the talking

after just about a whole a year between posts and only new wheels i thought id best get the finger out, so went to my mates garage got the car fully serviced etc in time for the winter, then to have a run on his rolling road, finally find out how the car was running and it wasn't good, previous owner has put on a fuel regulator with out setting it up so was waaaay down on power (was no where near standard power at the fly), after a few checks some adjustment and more runs we ended the night with
164 bhp @ the fly,
136 @ the wheels
and 144 lb/ft torque
we had managed to find 20bhp at the wheels just by sorting the fueling out, which was a very noticeable difference on the road

heres a vid from the rollers
YouTube - SOS Motorsport astra gsi on rollers

this got me the bug so iv just bought this

and ill be down at my mates garage to get it mapped very soon and see what gains we can get from that

kms loom etc all fitted up and it was onto SOS Motorsport's rolling road for mapping (excuse the temp ducting waiting on the custom stuff being made)

figures at end of the todays session were=
161bhp atw and 193bhp at the fly was the highest we had out it,
but settled it back to 190bhp @ 7250 rpm. at the fly

so far so good and some top work from the guys @ sos motorsport

next up i think will be refurb speedlines put them back onit,
ethier full respray or wrap
then more power