Hi guys, ive just relaced the HG on my 2002 1.8 sri when taking the car apart the wiring for the camshaft sensor just crumbled away in my hand.

Anyway after lots of cursing at the bloody thing (esp the water pump) over a day and a half in the pouring rain, the engine was rebuilt, started it up n was running on 3 cylinders, sometimes 4 with the engine management light on. Knowing that i had the camshaft sensor to replace, i did so, cleared the faults on the ecu and it still runs on 3-4 cylinders when it feels like it and the engine management light is still on which is showing the camshaft sensor.

Have i made a mistake somewhere with the timing being like a tooth out or anything else you may think of, im at my wits end and if it werent for 11 years of NCB unprotected i would happily torch the bloody thing with the way that im feelin at the mo.... GRRRRR.

Any help would be much appreciated