Hi All,

I have a 1.9CDti sport hatch and am looking at changing the exhaust. If I'm being perfectly honest I'm not necessarily looking for performace gains, just a nice sporty sound - whats the best route to go?

I don't know much (if anything) about exhausts so any advice would be great.

I have seen the Miltek turbo back system - very nice, and am aware you can get pre-cat and just back boxes, straight through pipes, down pipes etc............. but what does all this mean?

As it is just a better sound I'm after I'm not too fussed on a full system if I could get what I'm after with just a back box for example....??

If I did go for turbo back, pre cat or back box, what would be the pro's and con's of each and are there any implications at MOT time?

Finally if you could recommend any specific brands/systems that would satisfy my needs I would be muchly grateful.