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Thread: Turbo fuel / remaps

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    Turbo fuel / remaps

    Had a standard gsi turbo with vxr turbo. Was orite on fuel, wasnt too bad. Looking at quicker gsi turbos, one their with a stage 2 remap. What would the difference be like on fuel? a lot worse off ?

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    depends on how you drive it mate.

    i have a SRI-T with a phase 1 map on (about 250bhp) and if i do mixed driving i.e around town, work and back occasional longish run etc i get about 300 to a tank. if i dont do any long runs i get about 270 and if i thrash it alot a little under 250 lol.

    but i did recently do 2 4 hour journeys coupled with 4 runs at santapod RWYB on 1 tank of fuel (420 miles) so it is possible...

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