Dear all, I'm new to this site and am aware many Astra's suffer with low running temp. I bought my Astra from a private sale and it runs at a low temp (below 80 and in between the first two markers on the gauge). In traffic it warms to about 85 but as I'm getting 37 to the gallon and I do a 23 miles each way journey to work, which is mainly country roads with 5 miles in town at the end I'm not that bothered. However is sometimes doesn't want to idle properly and when I put the clutch in the rev counter needle drops and drops again to stall. After about 10 mins in traffic it stops this and idles at 750.

I was told by the seller that the engine thermostat was replaced when the cam belt was changed (no receipts but the belt looks new). The engines done 56k and other than this problem it is a really great car. Can someone please advise? Thanks.