Just realised ive said about things ive done with the car before and bought bits n bobs but never uploaded any pics so here goes...
my beaut X16SZR 1998 reg car that had 60k on the clock when i bought her, doesnt matter now as the engine block has been replaced and the clocks are different too

Pics were taken a little earlier in the year as i was thinking of selling up but back insured on it now

Now for the Bad points...

Damage from a small collision earlier in the year leaving a small 'crease' in the door and a nice dent in the rear quarter and in the arch as well as some scuffing on the rear bumper.

And a tear in the usual spot which was there when i bought the car unfortunately

As well as all this, the bonnet has a fair few scratches too and some rust coming at the bottom of the drivers door

Gaitors could do with being replaced too as they're a bit worn