Hi guys.

Well a bit of a story but:
Was driving home from work and the car felt pretty flat, as if the turbo wasnt spooling, thought it was strange but continued. No lights had come up. Car then seemed its usual self. Got home and parked up and left it for about half hour.
Then turned it on and set off, now it feels really flat. No dumpvalve. No spool or anything. A light has now popped up (see pic below). Pulled over immediately and switched engine off, took key out and put key back in again; light is still there. Drove home and car is still flat as ****!
When i got home i popped the bonnet up while it was running and there is no pressure what so ever on the red pipe in the engine bay picture below.
I have checked all intercooler pipes, they are on correctly.
I tried a pedal test and i think it has returned error code P1243.
I recorded it so any of you could have a quick look and see if i have got the right code
I would appreciate any help

Error Code Picture:

Engine Bay Picture:

Pedal Test Video: View Error Code Video

Thanks in advance!