Where do i start!

Emissions light on my car was on and i noticed i could drive for about 30 mins and when i get stuck in traffic and try and pull away my car would just have no power. Could put the car in 1st gear, Put my foot to the floor and the car would slowly gain speed.

Had my car serviced and diagnosed and he said it had the following faults:

Accelerator Pedal Sensor 1
Accelerator Pedal Sensor 2
Limp Home Mode.

He changed the sensors for me and the light went off. he drove it around and the light came back on and was doing the same thing.

Pluggged the diagnostics back in and it just said Limp Home Mode.

After doing a couple more tests and speaking to a few people he said that the ECU has lost its program and will need a new 1. Apparently this is a common fault on Astras my shape.

Anyone else encountered the same issues?
I personally think it might have something to do with the CAT and emissions.

Any advice people????