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Thread: EML Weird goings on!

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    EML Weird goings on!

    right have got error code 0100 = AFM
    have 1.9airbox 4 about 2 weeks?
    well out today and then ther was a harsh jolt then completely fine imediatly after. only problem is it wont idle correctly! sits just inbetween 750 and 500 until i pump the BRAKES and then it sits perfect, after doing that it drops down again?!
    have checkd that all hoses are tight and i found the breather hose from the rocker cover to the turbo pipe had come off! so put back on but still does it.
    have tc light and EML.
    anyone know what it could be before i change AFM.
    Honda civic type R ek9

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    do the earth mod mate... have a search on here

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