Hi all,
my name is sam and here is a lil about the car

its a:

Vauxhall Astra G Estate
Midnight Black
134,000 Miles
1.8 16v (X18XE1)

I brought the car for 760.00 pound with 10 months m.o.t and 5 months tax,

while driving it home i noticed for a 1.8 it was so sluggish so when i got home i cleaned up the throttle body (caked in oil) and fitted a big air filter and 2 breather filters, i also debadged the rear and got a custom vauxhall badge made for it, also brought some angel eye projectors and some HID's.

the car has so much money spent on i since april when i got it:

new full exhaust system (standard for now),
front disc's and pads and new brake lines all round,
2 front tyres,
full service and cambelt and aux belt
two front shocks (not done yet)

anyway enough talking here are the pics let me know what you think


new badge and window sticker

larger filter

2x breather filters

H.I.D Ballast

drivers sides

passenger sides

angels dark

hope you all will let me know your opinions,

there will be more updates in the future as this is my ongoing project (when funds allow)

speak to you all soon