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Thread: Has my turbo had it?

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    Has my turbo had it?

    I wonder if someone could advise, our MK4 Sri Turbo has started using oil at an alarming rate (it uses more than my RX7!!), I seem to be topping it up every week or two only for the low oil warning to come on (the one on the MFD not the dash). Iíve also noticed that thereís often blue smoke from the exhaust when idling. Performance has also taken a hit and it now feels sluggish and reluctant to rev.

    The cars done 120k and is still on its original turbo which I know is well beyond its expected lifespan, so Iím guessing these signs all point to the turbo being dead or dying. Iíve had the car 7 years so knew this day would come.

    Should the turbo need replacing what should I replace it with, Iíve been reading that itís possible to install a VXR turbo without any need for modification or remap, is this the case? What would people recommend?



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    I would have a look at your intercooler pipes. if theres alot of oil in there then it points tho the oil seals on the turbo. well done for making it last 120k tho! tho most ive heard of was my mates whos just blew up at 105k lol

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