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Thread: Central Locking & Radio Problems?

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    Central Locking & Radio Problems?

    Im one of the new guys, Ive had a lil look round the site to see if anyone else has had my problem but i couldnt find anything so here goes:

    The central locking on my Vauxhall Astra won't work. I press the button on the key and it doesn't do anything.
    The car starts ok.
    When the key is removed from the ignition, the radio stays on (when it should go off) and when you open the drivers door there is a beeping sound like when you leave your lights on.

    I tried to reset the car(by removing the negative side of the battery), the doors locked with the remote but once I turned the car on it stopped working again with all the problems mentioned above.

    Could anyone please help?
    thanks in advance

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    Welcome mate

    This sounds like a CIM problem. Other issues have come up with the CIM but not this one
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